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hi, I'm your stylist!


 When I was a kid, my mom caught me (on...multiple occasions...) cutting my own hair. I insisted that if I wanted to be a hairstylist one day, I HAD to practice. Since Barbie's hair didn't grow back after I cut it, I was starting to run out of options. 


I'm Elsa (no, not like the princess; I personally think I'm way cooler), and my whole life I've been fixated on two things-making people happy and creating art. I've found that the creation of art often leads to the happiness of people. I mean, who isn't starstruck by a neon, blacklight reactive mohawk? And yeah, I've done that.


 I grew up wandering art museums, and at home I was head event planner-Barbie fashion shows and American Idol performances with hairbrush microphones were held weekly, and attendance was required. As a professional stylist, I've planned and hosted one hair show, and while in beauty school at Ogle I planned production for two others. I'm a cat mom, a go getter, a closeted poet, and above all (excluding being a cat mom), I'm an artist.


Color is everything to me-it's confidence, it's creativity, and it's ultra personal. It's hair flips and dropped jaws. When a total stranger stopped my client in the supermarket JUST because they loved her hair-that's #hairgoals. The right color makes you hold your head a little higher. When my art turns heads, I'm living my dreams!

I like to think of appointments as "artistic collaborations". My clients and I work together to realize their hair dreams, and it all starts with a conversation. Do you prefer warm tones? Cool tones? How cold can you stand your shower water? I use a detailed personal profile to create a look that is unique to you and can be modified to match your ever-changing style. Whether you're inspired by far off galaxies or your morning cappuccino, book now and together we'll create your perfect color. I'll see you in the chair! 

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