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CBD Spa Blowout

For over a year, I've been working on my very own CBD infused blowout and spa experience. CBD has major benefits for your hair and skin-the vitamin E and fatty acids in CBD add shine to dull color, encourage hair growth, and soothe irritated and dry skin. Okay, it sounds cool, but what *is* a CBD blowout? Keep scrolling to learn more!

We turn the lights down and set some relaxing music. Don’t worry too much about holding conversation with me, just enjoy your *you* time!

I'm going to wash your hair with CBD infused peppermint shampoo and apply a CBD infused peppermint deep conditioning. This treatment comes with a 10 minute scalp and neck massage, so sit back and relax!

Next we do a facial that includes a CBD exfoliating scrub, a CBD eucalyptus face mask, and a massage with a rose quartz roller.

We wrap up with a CBD infused jasmine oil hand massage. We really overwork our hands so I think it’s important to show them some love!

Finally, I give you an amazing blowout; you'll be seriously impressed with how soft and shiny your hair is! Let me know how you would like your hair styled-silky straight tresses, bouncy curls, some effortless beach waves, I've got you covered!

I hope you'll indulge in this holistic and totally zen self care moment. To check out the packages I have to offer, keep scrolling down!

Image by Vladyslava Andriyenko
Image by Rodolfo Marques

Nothing But The Blowout

CBD infused scalp massage+blowout


Image by Caique Silva

CBD Spa Blowout

CBD infused blowout+scalp massage+facial+hand massage


Image by Caique Silva

Everything But The Blowout

CBD infused scalp massage+facial+hand massage


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