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Okay, so you want to go blonde, but maybe you don't know where to start. I mean, what IS ash blonde? How often do you have to come to the salon? Can you be platinum in one visit? How do you maintain it at home? It's a lot, but they weren't lying when they said blondes have more fun! Keep scrolling and I'll help you discover your perfect blonde!

Highlights VS Babylights

So...what's the difference? Highlights are the more traditional foil work we all know. The blonde is more piecey, and can be chunkier if desired. It is recommended that traditional highlights are retouched every 6-8 weeks. Babylights, by contrast, are a newer and more popular technique. Babylights are characterized by an ultra fine weave that creates a natural looking diffusion of blonde. Babylights typically provide an overall blonder effect in one session versus traditional highlights, and clients can usually go 3-4 months without a touch up. 


Full Highlight


Full Babylight


Bailyaege...boleyage...biologeyege...okay, let's learn how to say it first!

Ball/lee/yaazh. The end is like the "age' in "garage"! So... what is balayage? Balayage is a specialized and incredibly popular blonding technique that fades from your natural color at the root down to blonde ends. I love this technique because it's so versatile. Balayage offers major control over areas of dark and light in your hair, creating GORGEOUS dimension. This incredibly seamless technique is easy to maintain-my balayage clients typically come in for a fresh gloss ( this knocks out brassy tones and only takes about an hour!) every three months, and a full balayage touch up (abou 3-4 hours) every six months. For dimensional, low maintenance blonde, go balayage or go home!


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